Movies About Computers
40+ Movies Based On Hacking & Computer Technology
All those hackers and computer technology shown in the movie - they are 99% real! Right from 1968 to 2013 we have seen so much of movies having those hacking technology stuffs. What is so special about these movies? You can learn new technologies, new terms and basically how the stuffs works.
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Algorithm: Help Launch a New "Hacker Film" About Fighting Government Monitoring
What if there was no such thing as privacy in the world. What if there was a group of people who had access to all your information. What might that group possibly do and how would the people react? This futuristic (and quite possibly realistic) situation is the heart of a new technological thriller yet to be filmed titled "Algorithm."
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The Machine
Set in the near-future Britain, two computer programmers fall in love as they create the first-ever piece of self-aware artificial intelligence, designed to help humanity. But things go terribly wrong when the British Government steals their breakthrough and teaches it to become a robotic weapon.
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This is a list of films about computers, featuring fictional films in which activities involving computers play a central role in the development of the plot.
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Algorithm (2014)
A freelance computer hacker discovers a mysterious government computer program. He breaks into the program and is thrust into a revolution. Taglines: The geeks have inherited the earth...the rest of you just don't know it yet.
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Hackers Game (2015) FULL MOVIE
Movie Description A love story between two hackers, Soyan and Loise. Like many other hackers, Soyan works for a company he previously hacked.
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ALGORITHM: The Hacker Movie
Buy a digital download and the soundtrack at A freelance computer hacker breaks into secret government contractor and downloads a program. He must choose between his own curiosity and the lives of his friends.
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Soyan is a computer prodigy that works for a company he previously hacked. This "online security" firm runs covert activities for high-profile clients around the world. Loise is a cyber-detective who investigates war crimes for a human rights organization. She is obsessed with the truth. Loise and Soyan meet on a rooftop and bond together through a virtual chess game. But Soyan's employer, Russell Belial, has asked him to protect the same armsdealer that Loise is determined to help to capture. What is Soyan's real goal? Who will call the game now? Loise and Soyan embark upon an intense but dangerous romance. After being in a virtual world, will Soyan and Loise risk everything for true love?
'Hacker's Game' doesn't quite click
In "Hacker's Game," self-styled Internet activist Soyan (Chris Schellenger) lands a job at BL Reputation Management after he's caught breaching its IT system and potentially exposing sensitive information about its clients. The company specializes in creating new identities and rewriting histories — much like the witness-protection program except available to any VIPs or corporate entities.
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